Who we are

Alatree Ventures is an end-to-end investment consulting structure working with funds, structures, conglomerates and start-ups across the globe.

We offer a spectrum of services including investment, investment deployment, fund-raising, financial structuring, valuations, due diligence, fund management, audit support, business expansion and support.

We operate in the following areas

aboutus-icon1 Space Tech
aboutus-icon2 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
aboutus-icon3 Blockchain
aboutus-icon4 Robotics
aboutus-icon5 3-D Printing
aboutus-icon6 NanoTech
aboutus-icon7 FinTech
aboutus-icon8 Health Tech
aboutus-icon9 FemTech
aboutus-icon10 Agri Tech
aboutus-icon11 Ed Tech
aboutus-icon12 Quantum Computing
aboutus-icon13 Shipping and Logistics
aboutus-icon14 Commodities
aboutus-icon15 Renewable Energy

Engaged in 14 countries around the world, we draw on the expertise of our professionals – employees in Alatree Ventures, consultants, advisors and partners across the globe.

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Our services


End to end investment consulting


Fund management consulting


Capital raising advisory and strategic introductions


Equifax partner


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Our experience

50+ years of global experience in banking, financial services, technology, payments and recently blockchain in top consulting firms across US, India and UAE.

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Our smartest investment is you

Successful collaboration

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Essentials that start-ups need to do in order to be effective in fundraising

In our Alatree’s business reality we deal with startups every day, mostly during their fundraising stage, and we have noticed several common mistakes they tend to make, that prevent them from being successful.

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Emerging technologies being a good investment in 2022

Thanks to our extensive network and experts onboard, Alatree Ventures has great insights into technology and investment trends. Below is the list of technologies that we believe deserve a close attention this year:

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