We assist and operate the entire end to end spectrum, from ideation, to formulation, to structuring (financial, legal, and corporate), to fundraising, to business expansion, to talent enhancement, to company operation, and through eventual exit.

We search for and work with unique and differentiated direct investment opportunities on a long-term basis. Once we identify a potential fit, we then complete a comprehensive due diligence on strategy, business prospects, financials, and people. Example: financial valuation, strategy, commercial valuation, audit, etc.

We also assess strategic fit with our vision and our ability to add value via business expansion, and talent enhancement (corporatization).

Then we take the opportunity to our exclusive investors network, which includes US-based space and tech funds, European family funds, Middle East-based royal investment structures, Indian VC funds, and Private Equity funds from across the globe.

Whether our clients are individuals or large corporations, we formulate a plan to meet their goals, and we actively monitor the investments applying a disciplined and customized approach to ensure reaching their goals in a risk-mitigated manner customized to our clients’ risk tolerance. Our expertise focuses on investments in the private markets across both debt and equity.

Our Services Consist of


Financial Structuring (equity and debt)

We help structure the deal in such a manner that it addresses all the stakeholders’ immediate and long-term needs: Investors – stock consideration and mitigations, Regulators – compliance and paperwork, in a way fair and transparent to all.


Financial valuation and due diligence

To ensure an undisputed and seamless discussion with the funds, structures, and investors, we complete a comprehensive valuation and due diligence.

This valuation is done by expert internal valuators and an empanelled group of reputed independent valuators.

The valuation report allows us to instantly present the opportunity to our global network of funds, structures, and investors. It also adds credibility to the enterprise value for not just our investor groups but for others that may want to approach them in the future.

The due diligence ensures that the proposal sent to our investor groups is looked at with confidence.


Audit support

Depending on the particular needs of the opportunity or formal requirements of the fund/investor, we engage reputed, globally recognised independent audit firms for an independent audit.

Other services


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