Thanks to our extensive global network we provide well-qualified and strategic introductions to companies seeking to grow and expand into new markets. We have a robust network of employees, partner offices, consultants, advisors, and other potential partners that can be transformative to our clients’ businesses on both the capital and operational side, in order to maximize their success.

We understand the industry areas we work in, from the investor, and the companies’ perspectives, which enables us to adjust fundraising strategies to their individual needs.

Due to the nature of our business, we have developed a variety of relationships and connections for capital sources, including:

  • Private Equity, Venture Capitals, and Funds

  • Family Offices and Wealth Advisors

  • Asset Managers and Private Banks

  • HNIs and other individual investors

  • Local authorities & regulators

  • Banks

  • Payment platforms


Whether it is equity or debt, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services. We also specialise in managing investor relations.


We add unparalleled value through our comprehensive global network. This helps to take our clients’ businesses to new markets by engaging with potential clients and business partners, and to establish their entities formally, in the location of their choice.


By inviting our clients to our network, they also get access to the best practices in the market, which enables them to unlock new opportunities while growing their business and increase the value multi-fold in a short timeframe.

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