• Consulting – strategy, size, focus, geography, and investors

  • Structuring – identifying the best structure and structuring the fund accordingly

  • Jurisdiction – advising on best jurisdiction and assistance in set up

  • Identification of fund manager – negotiation and contracts

  • Assistance in managing the fund – end to end

We have partnerships with fund management firms across the globe – US, EU, and Dubai. We help in identifying the best fund manager for your requirements and then help to manage the entire aspect of setting up and, if needed, assist in co-managing the fund.

Given our tie-ups and partnerships with fund managers and top managements across the globe, we help our clients with setting up and structuring funds, and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

We assist in making better decisions, improve cost controls, demonstrate regulatory compliance, build stakeholder trust, and assist in assessing and managing risk. We assist in providing the foresight and control to enable taking our clients in timely investment and maintenance decisions about the assets, so they are always in an appropriate condition and operate to the highest efficiency standards.

We pay close attention to the strategy of the investment, its costs, and risks to help capitalize on the opportunities.

Whether our clients are individuals or large corporations, we formulate a plan to meet their goals, and we actively monitor the investments applying a disciplined and customized approach to ensure reaching their goals in a risk-mitigated manner customized to our clients’ risk tolerance. Our expertise focuses on investments in the private markets across both debt and equity.


Strategy and Growth

We have a strong track record of supporting clients in achieving their goals by redesigning their business models, strategies, identifying new geographies and market segments for them to explore.


Investment Management Assistance

We assist in implementing new methods of investment strategy development with a focus on superior execution. Through our senior-level network of experts in the industries of our focus around the world, we are exposed to regular exchange of current research and insight, and we constantly provide our clients with the best practices in the market.


IT, Operations, and Support

We help in designing and implementing superior front- and back-office processes and thanks to our extensive network of experts, we assist our clients in identifying and employing the newest IT and software technologies suitable to their needs and goals.

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